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A Return to the Sea

In early 2019, I received an inquiry from a family who wanted a babysitter to join them on an offshore fishing charter. Being a passionate fisherwoman myself, I enthusiastically said yes. I arrived at 6:30am as Mom and Dad were getting their 3 year old and 9 month old ready and out the door. We took off on the Maverick’s Spanish Fly, and we quickly got to know each other. Mom and dad had been to Los Sueños a few times, and it had become their home away from home. They both loved Sportfishing, so even though mom was breastfeeding, they decided they could both go if they got someone to help them out with the kids. Enter: Costa Kids!



The family quickly felt like old friends, and when they found out I enjoyed fishing too, they set me up to reel in a sailfish. It was my first time fishing for billfish and it was by far the biggest fish I had ever caught. I was ecstatic. I would take the little ones to rest in the air conditioned cabin, and we would come out to watch the excitement as mom and dad reeled in multiple sailfish and mahi mahi. We went for two magical days filled with dolphins, sea turtles, fresh ceviche and sashimi, and naps in the cabin. 


We kept in touch on social media, and I knew (hoped!) that this family would be back again one day. At the end of 2021, Mrs. S reached out to let me know that they would be coming in January, that they booked 2 offshore fishing days, and if I would come fishing with them again. The girls were now 6 and 3, and they had a 4 month baby boy to boot! Although I was no longer living in the Jaco area, I planned to travel back and reconnect with this special family.


While mom and dad had a great day fishing, the girls became uncharacteristically seasick. We laid them down to rest and I wore sweet baby A in the baby carrier. The girls kept a great attitude, but we decided that for fishing day #2 we would have a girls day by the pool. Luckily, the grandparents had joined them on the trip to help watch baby A on the boat. The girls and I got the most out of Los Sueños resort: lunch at the Al Fresco swim up bar, the beach club pool and playground, and golf cart rides in the afternoon for gelato. It ended up being a great day for everyone.



While working in the tourism industry, it’s so special when we make connections that last through the years. It brings extra purpose to our work when we get to witness kids growing older and ready for new experiences!


We believe that when we show our clients true kindness, adaptability, and a can-do attitude, the possibilities are endless!



Follow along with our blog to see where our babysitting adventures take us next!

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2019, on the Spanish Fly
2022, Mom and a beautiful sailfish!
2022, Baby A, enjoying the action on the Spanish Fly!
2022, all grown up! Girl's day at the pool!

Settling in at Santa Teresa

January 2, 2022

When I arrived in Jacó 6 years ago, I only planned on staying for one year. I never imagined I would fall in love with Costa Rica, make such special friendships, or build a business up from scratch. The community and the pace of life were what anchored me to this land of plenty. I made friends who were always ready to reach out a helping hand, and I learned how to best enjoy life by waking up with the sun, eating fresh foods, surfing, and watching the sunset each afternoon as if it were a religion.


While I could have stayed happily in Jacó for the rest of my days, I know that growth does not happen in stagnant waters, and we decided to move to Santa Teresa to try a new area and start up a new base for Costa Kids. With a great team of babysitters in Jaco, and 3+ years of reputable business relations, it seemed like the perfect time to try something new. 


Since arriving in October 2021, we have enjoyed the change of pace found on the southern Nicoya peninsula. Dirt roads make us take our time when going from place to place, and the constant cry of the howler monkey makes you tune in and listen to the jungle that surrounds us. Costa Kids Santa Teresa has been slow to start, but promising. From day one, our goals have been this: be excellent, be transparent, and be sustainable. We know that good things take time. Ultimately, we aim for wholesome relations and quality experiencesneither of which can be rushed


So be sure to look for us in Jacó, Santa Teresa, and the surrounding areas. I’ll still be popping in to work on occasion in Jacó, and we have an excellent team of babysitters running things while I’m out of town. Wishing you all a 2022 full of health and new experiences! ~ Molly

Dream of adventure,
And wake with the sun.
Can’t sleep knowing
Of all the day’s fun.
Sticky mango,
Wash your hands.
Sunscreen your nose,
Run towards the sand.
Catch a wave,
Ride to shore.
Go for ice cream,
Ask for more.
Spot a monkey
Through the trees,
Lose your worries
To the ocean breeze.

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